Social events with Axial International College 

When you feel you've learned all you can in a day and that there's no room left in your brain for any new information, maybe it's time to take a break and attend a social event.

Not only is it a welcome break from all that hard studying, but you can meet new friends from all over the world and enrich your learning experience here in Australia.

With a wealth of information, our staff can suggest places for you to visit, and generally ensure that your stay with us is truly remarkable. We want to make sure your memories of Axial international College stay with you forever. Our campus location, in South East Queensland, positions you at the hub of a wide variety of festivals, activities and events that cater for all tastes and types. Visit the Queensland events webpage here to explore the options. From cultural, adventure sporting and culinary - our part of the world has got the lot!

Possible Queensland events studends could attend include: 

event festivals



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