To access and view Axial International College's Policies, simply click on the below links:

AIC CrestPrivacy Policy

AIC CrestAccess and Equity Policy

AIC CrestInternational Student Refund Policy

AIC CrestComplaints and Appeals Policy

AIC CrestAdvertising and Marketing Policy

AIC CrestYounger Students Policy

AIC CrestHuman Resources Policy

AIC CrestPhysical Resources Policy

AIC CrestWorkplace Health & Safety Policy

AIC CrestCredit Transfer Policy

AIC CrestStudent Code Of Conduct Policy

AIC CrestDisciplinary Policy

AIC CrestCritical Incident Policy

AIC CrestStudent Support Services Policy

AIC CrestStudent Transfer Policy

AIC CrestDeferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy

AIC CrestEducation Agents Policy

AIC CrestMinimum English Language Level Policy

AIC CrestMinimum Acedemic Entry Requirements Policy

AIC CrestStudent Recruitment Policy

AIC CrestFormalisation of Enrolment Policy

AIC CrestCourse Progress Policy

AIC CrestCourse Attendance Policy

 AIC CrestRecognition Of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy

 AIC CrestStudent Scholarship Policy

 AIC CrestStudent Ambassador Policy

  AIC CrestFees Deferral Policy




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