Seeking An Apprenticeship?


Axial Training has a wide network of apprentice employer contacts throughout Queensland and Australia and it would be our pleasure to connect any potential apprentice to a suitable employer.  Our employer network ranges from small, family run operations right through to large-scale multi national engineering companies, hospitality operations providers and luxury hotel chains.

More specifically our network of apprentice employer contacts includes those from:

    *Engineering    *Engineering - Boiler Maker    *Engineering - Fitter & Turner    *Engineering - Diesel Fitting    *Engineering - Fabrication     *Appliance Service & Repair     *Retail Meat (Butchers)

    *Light Automotive (Car Mechanic)    *Heavy Vehicle (Truck Mechanic)    *Commercial Cookery (Chef)    *Hospitality    *Car Air Conditioning    

Simply click on the below link and tell us a little about yourself.

Be sure to include these details:

    *Your full name

    *Your address

    *Your postcode

    *Your age

    *What kind of apprenticeship you are looking for

    *Any previous, relevant experience

    *When you could start a new job 

    *Your contact details 

You don't need to attach a resume but if you can the greater your connection with a potential employer. The more you can tell us about yourself - the better.

Once we have your information we'll pass it onto any employers from our network who may be seeking apprentices that match your profile.

In addition to this 'connection service', be sure to 'like' and follow Axial Training's Facebook page.  Each week we post any apprenticeship vacancies on behalf of our employer networks. 

Please note that Axial Training is not a 'job placement' or 'apprenticeship placement' agency or service. This service we provide is simply a connection we facilitate between our employer networks and any potential apprentice employees.
We connect employers to potential apprentices and have no further involvement or responsibility in the process.
Axial Training does not receive any commission, bonus or payment for this service nor do we offer any guarantees of interview or employment.
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