RPL Assessments

What is RPL?

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where you can use your existing knowledge, skills and experiences gained through life experiences and/or other employment to demonstrate your competency in particular unit/s. When you apply for RPL assessment, you are essentially saying 'I already know all about this unit so I don't need training'. RPL is an assessment process only and no training is provided.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure each student’s evidence of prior learning is systematically assessed for recognition purposes in alignment with the rules of evidence as determined by the Vocational Education Training (VET) industry regulatory body, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

How are my skills assessed?

A student is required to collate and coordinate evidence to show they have sufficient, valid and current knowledge and skills equivalent to the qualification they are enrolled in. Your skills will be assessed against industry standards. This is done by an Axial Trainer / Assessor.

You may be asked to:

  • Perform tasks or jobs
  • Talk about and explain how you do those jobs
  • Provide samples of your work.

A visit to your workplace may be organised so you can demonstrate your abilities. You may have to provide job descriptions, references or performance appraisals.The Axial Trainer / Assessor will consider your skills and knowledge and match them against a suitable qualification.

RPL is about the student proving that the knowledge, skills and experience they have matches a unit or qualification.The student drives the RPL process by collating evidence to demonstrate their current knowledge, current skills and current experience that are relevant to the qualification they are seeking. 

Once the evidence has been collated by the student and submitted, an Axial Trainer / Assessor will consider the evidence of skills and knowledge the student has provided, matching this evidence against the relevant qualification.

During the RPL process, the student will be asked to:

  • Provide details about how current and previous employment, previous training and other learning relates to the unit requirements
  • Complete a self evaluation of the knowledge and skills they posses against the unit criteria, and provide evidence of the completion of those competencies
  • Engage in competency conversation to discuss their knowledge and skill with the Trainer
  • Complete workplace tasks
  • Provide validation from a supervisor about typical workplace performance.

DIY Recognition of Prior Learning

The Queensland Government has a quick self-evaluation tool that highlights what you could achieve with your past work and study experiences. It should only take you 10 -15 minutes. 

You can access the online tool by clicking here.


At differing times both the State and Federal Governments offer various funding and assistance programs.  The get the latest information on this and how it can benefit you please call us on 1300 729 425. 

How do I apply for RPL?

In order to apply for an initial assessment for RPL please call us on 1300 729 425. Please keep in mind the trades / qualifications we deliver at Axial Training:

EngineeringAutomotiveMeat RetailAir Conditioning / Refrigeration Service and Repair, BusinessAppliance ServiceHospitality and Commercial Cookery

Basic documents you will need to have on hand at the initial point of application include:

  • Current resume outlining your work history, skills and knowledge
  • Job description
  • Transcripts of qualifications completed
  • Any professional development, training you have attended

Please keep in mind that this will be an initial assessment only. The actual number of units for RPL may increase or decrease throughout the RPL process. This will depend on your prior skills and knowledge.