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Axial Training has added a new digital student LMS (Learning Management System) - The LIME Room to assist with the key learning areas for a vast variety of current and potential students wishing to study a quality course in a flexible environment.

In partnership with Blackboard Global, Axial Training has developed for our students the best in blended and online education. Our digital learning management system, The LIME Room, has a vast range of engaging tools, multimedia and quality resources and assessments for our students to learn from.

Facts about The LIME Room:

  • LIME Room is built on 'Moodle rooms' from Blackboard Inc - the world’s most widely used and leading learning management system.
  • Moodle rooms has thousands of regular community contributors pushing the product forward everyday.
  • As a trusted Moodle Partner, Moodle rooms makes it easy for institutions like Axial Training to run a successful Moodle-based platform.
  • Students can learn on any device, mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

What makes The LIME Room stand out from the rest?

Complete learning autonomy 24/7:
24 hour access seven days a week- This allows the student to have access to all areas of the LIME Room whenever they wish. This also allows the student access to additional learning materials in their 
own time allowing more time to focus and increase their understanding of units. CDX Automotive in particular is integrated into Axial’s LIME Room again giving greater accessibility – 24 / 7. (most other automotive training organisations only offer CDX access during limited times)

First class materials:
In all faculties ensuring our students receive the quality education including multimedia videos and on line learning better than reading – access to hundreds of on-line tutorials, videos and webinars.

Axial mentors: 
Here to help from 8:30am until 5:00pm for any questions should a trainer not be available at that time so our students are never alone.

Students can easily capture an audio / video recording with a computer’s built in webcam and post it anywhere in The LIME Room with a message. Add some life to the students course material.

Personalized Learning Designer:
We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways. That’s why we’re excited to share the PLD with our students.  Depending on the interaction with a course, students will ll benefit from a learning space that is custom designed for their needs. Each unit is divided into tiles for each subject matter and as they progress there will be checkpoints that self-assess their level of progress.

The LIME room features multiple in-built checkpoints meaning that students will never loose their place and never loose their work. Should a student need to leave an assessment task, they will resume right where 
they left off. At each checkpoint in the particular module the student will be assessed in order to progress to the next level.


Axial Training and our design of The LIME Room was featured in the April 2017 edition of Blackboard Inc.'s E-Learn magazine. Check it here:

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