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Our short courses are a quick and effective way to equip yourself with critical and specific skills, such as computer skills, services skills or supervision skills.

At Axial Training, we offer a range of non-accredited short courses to suit a broad range of job roles, functions, and industry sectors.

Please free to browse through our accredited short courses online.

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Why Choose Axial for Accredited Short Courses in Brisbane and Townsville? Our cutting-edge cloud-based online learning space is one of the primary features that distinguish Axial from the competition. Our online area allows our students and instructors to engage and learn from one other from anywhere, at any time, bringing the “blended learning” concept to a new level of adaptability. LIMEroom provides our children with a one-stop-shop for educators, mentors, resources, libraries, and technology, as well as other services. LIMEroom is open to all Axial students, companies, and partners, whether classroom-based or chosen a blended learning style, to provide transparency and a positive learning experience for all. Axial is known for its commitment to training our employees and delivering excellence in results through high-quality teaching and learning. Since 1998, Axial has been teaching and upskilling Queenslanders, with over 2000 students around the state. Our evident focus on each student sets us apart from the competition and our ability to accommodate individualized, flexible delivery methods that work well for you. At all times, Axial staff and students are expected to be engaged, enthusiastic, and energetic. Our faculty members are committed to the Axial Vision and Mission and strive for excellence in all teaching and learning activities, resulting in highly engaging programs.