Language Literacy and Numeracy


At Axial Training, we recognise the importance of basic skills in language, literacy and numeracy in being able to participate actively and effectively within any course of study or within the workplace.


If you are looking to improve your basic skills in reading, writing and numeracy, then look no further. Join our two-day language, literacy and numeracy course today.

We are passionate about empowering our learners with the skills to break down learning barriers in communicating with their trainers and peers in the workplace. In this course, we acknowledge that not all individuals have the same skills-sets in reading, writing and performing calculations, which is why we pride ourselves on employing an interactive teaching approach, where training is contextualised to suit individual learner needs.

Whether you are applying for a position in a new company, or climbing the ranks within your own, accelerate your success in the world with these lifelong skills.

Course Duration

1 day

Delivery Mode

Online or face to face


Brisbane campus and/or TV campus or online