The Ultimate Resume Writing Course


In today’s competitive job market, you need something that makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest, especially if you want the best chance of landing your dream job.


Join our two-day comprehensive course for ultimate skills in writing and formatting resumes. Learn how to magnify your value, elevate your reputation and show your future employer that you tick all the right boxes.

In this course, you will become a part of our classroom community, where you will explore and be guided through the fundamentals of resume writing through skill identification, academic and professional expertise, and how to select the right keywords that can amplify the quality of your resume.

As you progress through the course, you will not only develop your resume, but you will work closely with our industry experts to create an impressive professional profile on LinkedIn, multiplying your chances of getting hired.

Course Duration

2 days

Delivery Mode

Online or face to face


Brisbane campus and/or TV campus or online