Axial's Vision and Mission

Our Mission

As proud as we are of our ability to educate the mind, we are equally proud of our ability to nurture our student’s individual qualities. Preparing our students for meaningful and purposeful lives and for world class opportunities, remains  at the very the core of Axial's mission.

Our Values

We have five core values that are very clear and strong within the Axial group.. We encourage all of our students, staff and industry partners to embrace them and therefore represent their meaning

  • happiness


     Axial students will value and demonstrate enthusiasm for the college and our environment. The Axial spirit is to be embraced by all our students and should form the foundation of their professional life.

  • handshake-integrity


    Axial staff and students will be known for our honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, courtesy, understanding, reliability and ethical behaviour.

  • courage


    Axial Staff and students will be known for their strength of character and confidence in doing what is right. We encourage all participants to demonstrate courage to embrace challenge and change.

  • caring


    Axial encourages respect. We understand that our students are members of a diverse community and as such we take responsibility as a team to care, support and cooperate with all.

  • fist


    Axial staff and students will have a passion for their desired career choices in industry. Their passion will form the foundation of exemplary results at all times. We will endeavour to understand that commitment and persistence are necessary for learning and achievement. 

Dedication to teaching & learning

Axial’s staff members, whether teaching or support staff, are dedicated, committed and outstanding in their fields of endeavour. They are all focused on providing the best environment for students throughout their journey with us and are passionate about the education of the next generation of learners.

Our educators are highly qualified professionals and industry experts.  They are focused on excellence in  student outcomes across all faculties.

Our teaching staff are themselves exemplars of what they endeavour to instil in their students – a love of learning and of course to be leaders in our philosophy of becoming life-long learners. They actively engage in professional development opportunities either externally or in-house through peer to peer learning or in Industry participating in Industry wards and seminars to keep their currency at the forefront of their chosen field.

Remaining current with all that we do has a vastly superior impact of the outcomes of the students we teach.

Axial is home to thousands of students and our specialist staff are committed to providing the very best environment to our diverse group of students and participants. We are passionate about creating a community where everyone feels engaged, supported and nurtured at all times.